What is Illumination?

Illumination is a collection of classes written in the programming language C++. The classes are designed to let application developer easily build graphical user interfaces. Illumination is distributed under the GNU license. It uses the same technology as VisualOberon, the predecessor by the same author but written in Oberon-2.

Illumination is not an integrated programming environment with build in text editor, builder and that stuff. It is just a library. Nevertheless is can be the basis for such integrated environment.

Main design criteria for Illumination

About the design...

Illumination tries to achieve the above mentioned goals by...

The layouting engine takes an abstract layout description and then calculates position and size of the individual controls using the information given in the description. The concept of layouting engine is not really new, but while there many proven advantages most development environments still use so called GUI builders for designing dialogs.

For another development using layouting engines, see the AWT and Swing packages of the Sun Java implementation. The Java developments have wisely choosen the same solution to exactly the same set of problems.

What is already implemented?

Other features